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Handmade Mask by Duangduan the dressmaker ดวงเดือนเดอะเดรสเมคเกอร์

New Handmade Mask ! Made of quality cotton and 2 layers of SA-LU diaper Thin elastic bands : softy hooking on ears with a small pocket to put a filter inside. (Tissue paper, napkin or 3m filtrete) A small thin wire inside is for adjusting to your nose shape and attaced to your face. Ps. […]

Chiang Mai Crafts

The city has a long tradition of woodcarving and handicrafts. It transcends from generations to generations. When traditional craftmanship meets contemporary arts and designs, craft community in Chiang Mai has grown in a very unique way. Chiang Mai has also officially recognized a UNESCO Creative City of Crafts & Folk Art.

Think Thailand Thai Craft

Well-known for its intricacy and sophistication, Thai handicraft products are one of Thailand’s top exports. The Thai wickerwork and basketry is one such handicraft that transforms a variety of materials into many kinds of products ranging from household containers to decorative and fashion items. Thai people are known for their sophistication. With that feature, making […]